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A Message from the CEO ...

A COMPANY'S REPUTATION is the totality of a company's identity: the quality of its people, the value of its brand, its standing in the community and its performance in the marketplace. Building reputation, in this broad sense of the term, is what great companies are all about.

Every day we are required to meet challenges head-on and own our results. Every time we interact with a customer or a member of the community, we define who we are and what we stand for. Our people rally around sales and service, and are motivated to come to work every day with a passion to compete and win. It's imperative that we have a disciplined and consistent approach for translating our values into action.

We understand the challenges ahead. The degree of complexity in the marketplace continues to amaze, as does the intensity of the competition we face from a widening circle of companies. Keeping on top of these challenges will require us to be in a constant mode of learning, innovating, growing and transforming.

We start by putting customers first. We operate according to the values of integrity, respect, performance excellence, and accountability.

Remembering that great companies are judged not by what they say, but by what they do, we create the systems, tools, and processes that enable our employees to use our values to make decisions and serve our customers. Just as they've done throughout our history, our people come through for their customers and communities. Serving the customer is our heritage, our future and our daily challenge. Most of all, it's what we do every day.

Michael J. Magnone

mike-magnone.pngA Message from the CEO ...

A GOOD CLIENT RELATIONSHIP is built on long term trust where many transactions occur with you serving as their trusted advisor. You earned this status because your credibility built it. You advised them and you defined yourself as trusted advisor. They don’t perceive you as a salesperson. They see you as they do a doctor who they can trust and count on. You not only make the sale but you deliver the product or service many times. They count on you to do what you say you are going to do.

Influencing others to make the best choice for themselves while serving them with integrity and keeping their best interest in mind. We want to build a relationship of trust and service with our clients, every day. The best choice for the client is what builds trust.

Truth penetrates and goes deep. People trust you when you are honest with them. Be honest in every conversation and you will build trust. It takes courage to be honest. People like honesty and it builds strong bonds of rapport. In short, you build the relationship with honesty.

Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty or danger and act anyway. Courage is executing when you feel fear. It is not a state of mind without fear. It’s performing in the mist of fear. I implore you to relate to others with integrity and honesty. My dad taught me a great lesson. He told me to be honest and I wouldn’t need to rely on my memory.

Michael J. Magnone