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SmartPay Program

SmartPayChart.jpgOur SmartPay Program insulates you from fluctuating energy expenses and saves you money on every gallon you purchase. So, no matter what Mother Nature sends our way, you'll have the economy, convenience and security of a consistent monthly payment you can count on. And enrollment is FREE — there is no additional cost to you.

Here's how it works: Your payments for July through May will be calculated, based on our best estimate of your usage. We use the industry's standard formula to determine your usage accurately. This total will be divided into 11 equal monthly payments. You will also receive a $0.02 per gallon discount on our current retail price at the time of each delivery.

Of course, should you require any additional information about the SmartPay Program, we'll be happy to answer all your questions. We urge you to arrange for this convenient protection now. Please contact our office today so you don't miss out on this important opportunity.

To register for the SmartPay Program, click here!