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Automatic Delivery Program

We Deliver When You Need It!

Oil truckIt's wise to take advantage of a sure thing when it comes along, like Automatic Delivery from Hunts Point Fuel Corp. and Brite Fuel Corp. With Automatic Delivery, you're guaranteed a healthy supply of Oilheat at all times, in all temperatures. Automatic Delivery allows us to monitor your oil quantity through sophisticated weather-tracking and scheduling software. We also carefully examine your past usage to determine when your oil supply needs to be replenished. This free service guarantees us the most effective way to track your Oilheat needs, and assures you a delivery whenever necessary. There are no more worries about calling us in the middle of a chilly night because your fuel oil has run low. Let convenient and reliable Automatic Delivery keep a sharp eye on your supply for you.

Sign up for our Automatic Delivery, and you'll never have to worry about running out of fuel. You don't have to check your tank. You don't have to call us. You don't have to worry. The fuel you need will be there, guaranteed, all year long. You can sign-up today...